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Although it is clear that most website users of the internet use search a engines to find their destination, is there a better alternative?

I recently had a look at the stats of a website I have been working on. To my amazement only 5% of the visitors came from other websites or search engines, the rest were direct requests. This website is only 3 months old, so it is fairly new with barely any link popularity, but for such a new website an average of 150 visitors a day, is not too bad.

I asked the owner how he was promoting his website, and to my amazement he was using none other than flyers. The website is advertising his adventure tourism business, as you may have noticed when you visit a tourist destination there are plenty of flyers on the counter. Advertising all sorts of accommodation or locations to visit.

He employed a very smart Graphical Designer to create a flyer that is very eye catching. These flyers are so catchy that he has told me that he never has enough. You may be thinking that this is expensive because you have to pay for the printing, but in actual fact it is much cheaper than some internet advertising. For instance to even have his website listed optimally on Googl's Adwords he would be paying in excess of 50c a click. Whereas printing flyers that can be passed on for years only cost 23c each.

On the other hand some people choose to spend thousands on optimising their websites, gambling to be in the top of the results. Or you could choose to use paid advertising, but targeting your potential customers can be difficult and costly. I am certain that the old fashioned flyer advertising is here to stay.

The benefits of flyers are astronomical; targeting your audience is the key to success. Travel destinations, travel agents and rental agencies are all targeting his potenshal customers. Since he first began his business, he has always used flyer advertising, and with the amalgamation with the website business is soaring. This indicates to me that with the synergy of the real world and the internet we can create very powerful advertising campaigns.

How  to maximise my blog or  online traffic . Is n't that the question that made  you stop by  this information. Directly or indirectly the  reply  is nothing but yes.  Regardless of who you are on internet, an online marketer,  web log owner or a sales  site owner,  your legitimate online business is nothing if you do n't have quality web traffic.  Your legitimate online business  collapse  if you do n't have traffic and you shut down your  web logs if it  misses traffic.

You may have tried  various methods to get traffic like article submission, social bookmarking, social networking, viral traffic generation, micro blogging and even advertisement but if none of them have ever bought you  high quality traffic then  certainly  it is of no use. What you  actually want to generate  traffic to your website  is a model, a traffic generation model and not above things.

Now  you may want to  ask what is this traffic generation model. It plan or model developed  to generate  traffic from only relevant sources. There are several traffic generation models like social bookmarking model, viral model, back-links model, article submission model, squeeze model and the list  goes on.

An established affiliate or online marketer never forgets to implement  several traffic models to generate quality  traffic. Implementation of these models may be paid, free or both. It depends on  exactly how much you want to spend on traffic. As a person with less income you have to opt for any 2 3 free traffic generation models to generate traffic and then move on with other models too when you have  adequate income. Please note that there is no need to  enforce   various methods at once, put that method to use which can bring  you traffic in minimum  time.

Now you might ask why you were never told about these models. And the answer is all these models  switch their form of implementation according to need of the person who  requires traffic. Also there are several  online marketers who are actually  utilizing  traffic generation models but they do n't actually know they are  deploying it .

The reason why people end up with no traffic even after trying  several  methods is they  enforce  several methods at once with none of them actually  enforced  properly. So if you need traffic then take a pen or pencil now and  make your traffic model. And  the next measure  would be implementing it. And note that no traffic generation model brings you traffic with a blink of an eye so be patience before you see flood of traffic. Thanks for reading and have a nice time.

Here's an example of Social Bookmarking Traffic Generation Model

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