Mr. Mad Devil
Date: 30 oct 2010

So here's a new news, my friend Shashikant today started his venture as a blogger. And his very first post "Modern Thinking" is bang on wistle blower. Since he is my friend now onwards any good article by him will be promoted on this site as i promote myself. He He He..... this is no offence. Of course i'll not give up my task to provide you with links to possible informative articles as feed as i mentioned before to keep you updated as well as downdated too. Todays first link is to my friends blog post. Rest links provide you with information to some of the regular networking terms, cyberstalking and terms used in cyber crimes. Since the month is ending, this page will be sent to archives section, so you'll be able to access same information whenever you need by moving to archives section. From monday, this page will feature first post as 1 Nov 2010 have a nice time and keep visiting.

Date: 29 oct 2010

Hello guys this is one of the most amazing thing i read while on internet yesterday,
One of those is Ubisoft developed a technology to avoid piracy of their game DRM which got broken on release day,
The next thing is there is still a question on security of SSL certified sites,
Following are links where you can read complete articles, have fun and keep visiting.

Date: 28 oct 2010

Yesterday i download new version of Oracle VM VirtualBox. The new version is 3.2.10 have improved usb support and additional packages that works much better than before. Give it a try, because this time it doesn't hang out and not even cost much to your CPU as previous versions did.

Also there is new Open Source pentest tool in media known as Matriux, the tool is just more than a pentest Linux Distro but also have some computer forensic tools and also able to recover files. It's currently under development phase and have only few tools but it is said, "Little tools if used properly can also act as weapon". So don't get dishearted for now. Since i liked the concept, now onwards i'll be promoting it on my site. Look for the Red and Black Box in ad section writen with "Matriux". Have a nice time and keep visiting.
Date: 27 oct 2010

So i am back again and as i mentioned before i'll provide you with links to some informative articles, i have posted below the links, now onwards i'll share my links to blogs and what i read while on internet so that everyone can stay updated with me. Today i added a new article to my blog, please take a liitle from your time to visit and don't forget to comment. Following are the links,

Date: 26 oct 2010
Once again welcome to Mr. Mad Devil. The new to tell is that, i updated my blog with 2 new articles,

Must Accept A Mistake
India:As The World Can See It

I urge you guys if anyhow you feel the articles in my blog are worth praise please take little space from your time to comment, anyhow if you feel they are worth sharing don't hesitate to send links to your friends, family and known circle.

Ok, the next big thing to tell is yesterday i searched google with my name and viola i got results, it searches things about me, my blogs, my facebook and Linkedin account, my this site and even my interview on Crazy Engineers. If interested try with name "Nrupen Masram" in google's search engine, rediff, yahoo India and even altavista. It makes me feel good to be on internet map. Next big thing i'll update this site with some useful link full of information and soon i'll update my blog with new article, "The Dog, Who Became An Engineer.". Following are links to my current update on blog till next stay tuned,

Date: 22 oct 2010

Hi guys good to see you here again. I am regular member of one of the biggest Engineering forums "Crazy Engineers", some days before i got a mail from Crazy Engineer Admin that they want to interview me for section "Know Your Crazy Engineers". Yesterday i got questionnaire and i gave answers to it, an online questionnaire can ever become fun, i never ever thought so. I thought they may take a little time to publish it, so i not even bothered to have a look on it. But later when i had a look on it, i found it already got published and people are also giving good reviews to it. I can't explain how good it feels, by the way following is link if you want to have a look on,

Know Your Crazy Engineer Leo

This is what, which really makes me feel more proud being an engineer and not only being an engineer but a Crazy Engineer
Thank you guys for always being with me.


Date: 19 oct 2010

Yesterday i got an idea to write something, i recalled some recent incidents with me and prepared a new article named "100% Lawful". Of course when certain thing comes from me, it always appears a little controversial. I submitted it to Crazy Engineers, but as it was controversial, they asked me to publish it somewhere else on Forum. I did that but was not actually satisfied since many few actually love to read article in forum section, so i decided to publish it on my own blog and personal site. Following links will redirect you to my blog or take you to article section on this site, where you can read and give your replies. I hope though controversial the article will be real entertaining for those who really think differently. 

Article:100% Lawful

Read It Here
Read It On "Days Of Life Of Devil"

Also i updated my poem's blog with a new poem "Little Love Birds". You can visit it by clicking on following link.

Little Love Birds


Date: 17 oct 2010

This is what Sanjay Dutt's request to young guyz of India.
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